Saturday Afternoon Wheel and Soda Firing with James

  • DAY: Saturday
  • TIME: 2:30pm -5:00pm
  • DATE RANGE: 01/12/2019 | 02/16/2019
  • FEE:


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The focus in this class is on learning basic throwing skills for beginners and extending and refining those skills for students who are at an intermediate or advanced level.  James works with students individually to help them fulfill their goals - techniques include hand building and  various other techniques to achieve the student's desired results.

Soda Firing is one of several techniques that fall into the category of Atmospheric Firings that can produce amazing results!  The class will explore different approaches to obtaining the variety of effects possible with this engaging and dynamic process.

James uses a combination of demonstration and individual hands-on instruction to help students at whatever level they are at in the learning process.  Students will be exposed to an array of wheel throwing, slab building, slip forming, and glaze application techniques.  They also will have the opportunity to learn the basics of loading and firing the Soda Kiln through the course of the class.

Included in the class fee are 25 pounds of clay, cone 10 Soda firing and a selection of cone 10 glazes and slips.  If a student is wanting a particular glaze that we don’t carry, they will be responsible for the ordering and payment of that glaze.

Please bring your tools or a $19 starter tool kit is available for purchase - exact change and checks ONLY.